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Dispatch mechanism

1. Web tryout registration

【 From Internet 】Please visit [ Employment Registration Form ] from this website.

Our office manager will contact you after your detailed employment information has been checked.

【 From Telephone 】Please dial [ 011-736-1113 ].

We are looking forward to your call.

2. Interview at our Dispatch Company

Please wait for phone calls or E-mail from our office manager informing the date and time of the interview.

We will explain in more detail about the registration.For people who have been employed, please bring with

you your resume with your job experience on it. For students, please bring your resume as well.

3. Job Intermediating

Please be aware that it takes time for us to find the jobs that are suitable for you.

We are sorry if you have to wait.

4. Interview

Our company will adjust the date for the interview according to the flexible hours of the employee and the employer.

The interview will be accompanied by our office manager on that day.

5. Adoption

We will recheck the desire and conditions of the employee before the decision of employment is made.

6. ‘Afterfollow’

Our office manager will constantly check the working state even after the employment.


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